Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Future is Irregular

Dear Constant Readers,

I certainly have developed a great deal deal of respect for people that can write on scientific topics on a regular basis. When I wasn't working, it seems like all my time was eaten away by blog-related activities. And yet...looking back it doesn't seem like my output was that astounding. Perhaps I just write (or rather, re-re-re-write) in a rather time consume way. Now my summer is coming to a close and there are still some things that I'd like to do. A vacation away from blogging if you will.

When I get back to school, I know that my modest current pace and content are going to be impossible to keep up. You can probably expect a return to my occasionally scientific and much shorter posting. This by no means is the end of my semi-quasi-whatever-technical posting, but it will certainly become a rarity. The future is irregular and unpredictable, so I can't really say anything for certain. That is, except for my interest in Zoological matters. I tend to enjoy sharing what I learn with people and blogging is currently the best output for this tendency. Instead of rushing to do topics, I'll let them come more naturally and at a slower pace. Of course I'll never be able to write about or even learn about everything I want to, but at least I have the satisfaction of constantly learning.

What's next? I have no idea...


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Anonymous said...

Sigh, then how will I learn about the world of monsters, both dead, alive, and probably made up??