Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What is a Lord Geekington?

Dear Constant Reader(s),

I guess an explanation of the intentions of this blog are the first item of business in order. What I want to share is, simply put, my various interests which make me such a geek. I have numerous assorted various interests that are changing very frequently, so I'll share what I learn and what I am interested in with you all. Perhaps you will find it interesting, or perhaps you would rather look at the pretty pictures. The term or perhaps nickname "Lord Geekington" was coined by one Matt Leland, to whom I am endebted for its sheer creativity. I am currently working on several side project websites, so this blog could almost function as a diary on their various developments and possible abortions. One of them ties in with a book project which I am currently working on and will probably never finish. Lots of my interests will eventually tie into this book and influence it, and a huge amount of background is getting organized. I don't know what I'll be interested in next or not finish next, but it should be interesting. You and I, Constant Reader, are going to take a trip into the psyche of this Lord Geekington.

The Lord Geekington posing as the incredibly vain person he is for thinking that anybody would actually read a blog by him.