Friday, March 23, 2007

The Death of an Old Website

Dear Constant Readers,

As some of you may know, I've had a Cryptozoology page for, uh, over four years or so now. Due to my recent blogging and difficulties editing, the website has been neglected for some time now. I think it is time to say goodbye to my old friend.

So let us take a stroll down Memory Lane thanks to the uncannily useful Internet Archive:

Their first entry is from December 6, 2002. Oh, and what a sight it is to behold. At this point in my life, safe to say, I was a lot less critical about these sorts of things. I had a link to the infamous GUST page for crying out loud! As you can see, I definitely had high expectations for the website. Look at all those promising potential links. Sigh...

Demonstrating my artistic ability and apparent beliefs at the time.

It doesn't seem like too much happened to the site at all. I started to realize that the world of Cryptozoology was incredibly confusing and difficult to reconcile. Do I lump things in categories, or try and split them? I think it was around this time I started to become rather dubious of some people being able to categorize cryptids, especially a certain bigfoot classification. The editor being so damn hard to use made everything all the more difficult to write on top of that!

Let us travel forwards in time to March, 2005. You will see that the website has yet another layout and two more sections have been added. These aren't very fleshed-out, I will admit, and most of the work had been done on the "Sea Serpent Complex". The only major link to my page was to my Kasai Rex article (from Wikipedia). Due to this being the only critical take on that dinosaur hoax, I might have to leave that page up. Plus I have something else in mind for that dinosaur...

So what is to become of the website (I imagine you asking)? Well, the information is not going to be lost forever, but it'll show up as blog entries with new (more skeptical) commentary. So for any people interested in Cryptozoology, you might want to watch this space.

I'll see you soon,



Sarda Sahney said...

I will continue to watch this space! Thanks for some great posts.

Anonymous said...

I liked that website. Rest in peace my old friend, may your monsters always be giant and your mountain men never be caught.